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Spark EMS Fitness is proud to serve the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Located in the heart of North York, our studio is accessible via public transit off Finch Station on Line 1. On-site parking is available if you prefer to drive.

You will love training using EMS technology. We are so sure, we give you the chance to try it out, on us! Contact us to book your appointment or your complimentary Spark personal EMS training today. For your convenience, you can book your training session via phone, email or by visiting our Book Session Page.

5460 Yonge Street, Suite 108

Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6K1


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Do you have more questions about electro muscle stimulation at Spark? No problem! Our EMS trainers certified by XBody are here to answer any questions you may still have. Reach out to us and we’ll respond within 48 hours.

We recommend trying EMS training for free! The best way to answer any question you may have is by actually undergoing a Spark EMS training session! You can book your complimentary electro muscle stimulation session by visiting our Book Session page!

Alternatively, feel free to contact us by filling the form below.


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