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Spark EMS was founded by working professionals who found it difficult to find the time to work out. At Spark, we offer a time efficient and high-intensity workout for those with a busy lifestyle. Our members no longer spend hours at the gym!

At Spark EMS Fitness we aim to provide all our members with all the perks 21st-century Health and Training has to offer. EMS makes even easy exercises intenser than the conventional version, eliminating the need to spend endless hours at the gym. Our aim is to make this elite class fitness training available affordable and readily available to Torontonians.

We use state of the art XBody EMS equipment as well as friendly and specialized trainers to help build and strengthen your muscles to improve your physical health. Our certified and experience staff at Spark ensure that you receive the very best training and motivate you to push yourself to the very limits of excellence to achieve all of your workout goals in a fraction of the time.

Located right in the heart of North York, we are easily accessible to all who seek to use cutting-edge technology to help achieve their health and fitness goals.

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Spark’s vision is to become the leading elite EMS trainers in the Greater Toronto Area all while remaining affordable.



Spark aims to make every client feel welcome, comfortable and healthy.





Spark’s mission is to help our members be healthy and achieve their fitness goals efficiently.




At Spark, we value equality & diversity and ensure our members are satisfied with our services.


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5460 Yonge Street, Suite 108

Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6K7


9 AM – 9 PM Monday-Friday

9 AM – 3 PM Saturday

By appointment only.



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