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Fitness in a Flash.

Save Time

At Spark, we understand that your time is precious, our goal is to help you achieve a better health and get results. 20 minutes of EMS training equals 90-minute+ strength training.

Look & Feel Good

EMS engages up to 98% of your muscles to burn over 1000 kcal/session during and after your workout to get optimum results. Increase your metabolism and get more energy.

Improve Health

Spark will help you improve your mobility & flexibility with specialized training. EMS helps in releasing endorphins and can help regulate your sleeping patterns.

Injury Recovery

EMS training is proven to be effective and safe. Deep muscle activation has been used for over 50 years by healthcare professionals for injury recovery.

Spark is helping me reach my fitness goals one by one! I feel healthier, more energetic and my body is firmer. I have lost 2 cm from my waist in one month and have a more toned body thanks to the team at Spark!

Susan E.

I love working out at Spark. Friendly and knowledgeable trainers make the journey to health easy and doable!

Rana M.

I just added Spark to my weekly routine. I felt good. I noticed what a difference it was making to my physical appearance when my friends asked me what I’d been doing lately to get fit! Raffi definitely Sparked up my routine.

Emir M.


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